An evaluation of Youth Work approach to leadership development with young adults in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

This dissertation considers an action-research project conducted with young people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The aim of the project was to monitor and record the influence of a purpose-devised training programme on the development of transferable skills and positive leadership qualities within this context, using UK youth work tools and techniques. Using various research tools, the project uses the action-research model to assess whether and to what extent the training programme can support this development.

The dissertation begins by looking at the context of DRC and the impact of poverty and conflict on Congolese young people, before presenting the theory behind and development of the training programme and design of the action-research project and tools. It considers research data collected from the pilot training programme, from April to December 2013 before presenting some findings and conclusions, as well as recommendations for future monitoring and action.

Heidi Bentley

Heidi is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of The Congo Tree, a youth development charity based in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the UK.

Heidi studied with CYM and was awarded an MA in Youth and Community Work in 2014.