“For me this course has been about recognising that there are others out there doing the same as me – being with like-minded people has been refreshing and affirming. It’s exciting that stuff’s changing with kids work and people are putting more value on it.”

“The best practical and vocational degree in the field! The knowledge you gain one day is highly applicable in the work environment the next day – BRILLIANT!!”

“Both the in-house and guest tutors have been relevant, down-to-earth, passionate and motivating. The depth of learning has been fantastic!”

“As a mature student with experience working I have found the teaching and course structure to be of very high value and very applicable.”

“Studying for the CYM MA has challenged me to move outside of my comfort zone and to consider perspectives I would not have otherwise encountered. This has impacted my practice as I have refined my understanding and in the process have become more self-aware.”

“Having worked in an unrelated industry but having volunteered as a youth worker for some years, I decided I wanted to train and become a youth worker full time. The structure of the part-time CYM MA was perfect in terms of allowing me to re-train whilst still working and now I’m ready to go for it in the big wide world of youth work!”

BA in Practical Theology

I joined MCYM as I wanted to study for a degree in theology and St John’s allows for Student Loans. This was an important aspect in choosing my College. As for the Degree, having a family, this is the ideal work/life balance with limited time in the classroom and the flexibility of the Placement. As a Christian with a heart for outreach, the placement for me was putting my faith into action and is by far the most rewarding aspect of the course. Mixing with and supporting people with real needs is such a blessing and life changing for you and them. I know that ideally I want to work in the community and quite possibly with Alcoholics and having the practical experience of supporting and befriending, observing and analysing marginalized people without faith has given me a love and compassion for this kind of work.

The alternative placements allow you to “try out” areas that you interested in and you can never have too much experience.

Academically, I find the assignments rewarding and enjoy researching the deeper issues.  The Library is fantastic, the meals are good, as is the fellowship and support throughout.

1st Year MCYM student

BA in Practical Theology

I chose the Contextual Course at MCYM as I was excited by the variety of opportunity the course presented. I had recently married and moved to Notts a week or two before the course started, and wondered what God had in store for me here. At the beginning of the course I was new to the area and unsure of what to expect but was warmly welcomed and now feel at home here which was so important to me. It turned out that my placement was in Hyson Green and Forest Fields, a very diverse area of Nottingham, home to many people seeking asylum and refuge. I am constantly learning and so often deeply challenged in this course: developing my understanding of working in the church, continuing to learn how to care for those who are seeking asylum and developing my own personal relationship with God and have immensely enjoyed getting to know the children and families in the parish. I never thought that this would be what I would be doing this year, but am so glad Midlands CYM  has provided me with a friendly and firm foundation to explore this area of ministry.

1st Year MCYM student