Student Placements

Students have a Main Placement for the three years of their studies, known as their ‘practice agency’ for the three years of the BA courses. They normally live in or near the agency and are involved in work related to their ministry specialism. Students need to undertake at least 14 hours per week during term-time, half of which need to be face-to-face with adults, children, young people or families, depending on which specialism they are taking. Most students continue to work in their practice agency during college vacations and are allocated a certain number of weeks holiday per year by the organisation.

Some students will come with their agency already arranged, for example their home church might be supporting their development through the church by providing practice opportunities there. However many students come to college looking for a practice agency. This could be a local church, charity or other community organisation within travelling distance of the college, as students travel in for the regular study days. If you are interested in becoming a practice agency and hosting a student please click on the relevant link below to find out more:

What the placements say…

“It has been great having Tom with us. He has brought an energy and an excitement to our Youth work. He engages well with young people and is well liked within our parish. I would highly recommend having a student on placement as they will bring new ideas to your youth work”


“I feel the student placement through the CYM course is valuable to anyone considering ministry in the community. A 3 year placement is a great way to be discipled and built up and will give you invaluable experience in working with volunteers and will be a safe place to make mistakes.

For me I would look to employ someone who has been through these experiences above anything else.”

RICHARD DAWSON, MCYM Professional Practice Tutor

“Over the past 5 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside 6 students from MCYM within our college chaplaincy service (2 as main placement and 4 as ‘alternative’ placements). We have found this to be invaluable not only to our continued growth as a pastoral and spiritual service, but also as a general commendation of the role of faith within our college community. Our experience of placement students has always been outstanding and partnering with our current placement student has been a particular highlight. MCYM students are always professional, insightful and courteous. They are a pleasure to host and we look forward to a continued working relationship with MCYM.”

REVD STEPHEN BLYTH, MCYM Line Manager and Professional Practice Tutor