CYM offers a range of postgraduate programmes, tailored to your ministry or professional practice focus, including professional qualifications where required. They are suitable for those who have an existing undergraduate degree, and some experience of ministry and/or professional work with young people or children.

Through studies in theology, patterns in contemporary practice and professional roles these programmes enable students to expand their knowledge, understanding and insight into their own mission and ministry context.

They are taught through a flexible combination of study block, online and personal tuition by a dedicated and experienced academic and practitioner teaching team.


Student Stories

“When I commenced my study with CYM I was a volunteer youth worker. I enjoyed youth work but always knew there was something more to my ministry than youth work.  Unlike some I like to talk about faith and its impact on my life so it is unsurprising that I am often referred to as an evangelist.

Studying Ministry and Mission with CYM has challenged my perspective on Gods Mission, who I am in God and who God is calling me to be. The non-judgemental teaching at CYM, which encourages reasoned thinking and stretches the student beyond their norms along with the additional support, has impacted me immensely. As I reflect on my first 2 years of study it is no surprise that I have stepped into new territory in more ways than one. I am no longer a youth worker but am now a Community Pioneer on a new housing estate where I daily see God working through those who have yet to be introduced to Him. As I look toward to my dissertation year I am motivated by the opportunities my new placement offers knowing that I will be undertaking a piece of work that could benefit others in years to come.”


“Studying for the CYM MA has challenged me to move outside of my comfort zone and to consider perspectives I would not have otherwise encountered. This has impacted my practice as I have refined my understanding and in the process have become more self-aware.”


“Having worked in an unrelated industry but having volunteered as a youth worker for some years, I decided I wanted to train and become a youth worker full time. The structure of the part-time CYM MA was perfect in terms of allowing me to re-train whilst still working and now I’m ready to go for it in the big wide world of youth work!”


Academic Team


Contact: Robin Smith 0115 925 1114, or office admin (Course Administrator) or check out programme links above to find out more.

To attend one of our special MA Open Day and chat to teaching staff and current students, go to our open days info page.