Thelma Ambler

Thelma is our Further Education Programmes Manager. She is responsible for all our Core Skills courses.

O come let us adore Him!

Do you recognise this? Of course you do!

It is the chorus of O Come all you Faithful, a very favourite Christmas carol which is sung regularly every Christmas. I love the carol as it seems to have all the elements of the Christmas story within it, but it does remind me that I can’t sit on the sidelines at Christmas!

First of all it is corporate: O come let us adore Him. It is something we all need to do together and it is great to see that at Christmas our communities come together to celebrate and sing these words.

Second it is participative O come let us adore Him. We need to do something, get involved and participate. We can all participate in different ways, whatever age group we are in.

Coming together and participating are core values within playwork and the skills that we share with our Equip Children’s learners. One of the Units on Being Family, explores how as a community, church and family group we can provide the necessary securities to our children as they grow and develop. It is not always possible to provide all that children need in a family group. They need the church and the wider community to come together and participate, whether it is in singing a carol or in a social activity and to allow children, not only join in but lead the way.

Children need to participate and room needs to be made for them to develop and grow their own voice in singing ‘O come let us adore Him’. What are you doing to encourage children to participate in celebrating the birth of Jesus this Christmas?