Writing days for potential writers are held annually, email sally.nash@cym.ac.uk for details

More information

The Grove Youth Series was established by Midlands CYM and is run in partnership with  an editorial team of youth workers and representatives of organizations.  From our first book on Responding to Challenging Behaviour we have sought to publish booklets that are accessible, relevant and help people to become more effective youth workers.  The booklets are all written by practitioners and includes lots of first time authors.  If you are interested in writing a booklet then please complete a proposal form and email it to sally.nash@cym.ac.uk.  We also have a Grove Youth Series Facebook page – feel free to make suggestions about potential book topics there too.  We are also looking for people who may review the book for a popular blog or newsletter.

Copies of previous Grove Youth books can be ordered  from https://grovebooks.co.uk/collections/youth