CYM Associate status is a national recognition of  a commitment to excellence in ministry, mission and professional practice with young people and children, their families and communities. 

It is an essential framework for sustaining you in the long term in ministry, by:

  • Recognising your role, calling and contribution
  • Engaging you in professional and ministerial development
  • Supporting your progression in the field, and
  • Providing you with vital ongoing learning, stimulation and support amongst a rich network of others who share the same vision

If you, or others within your church or organisation, have a proven track record of experience within the field, or have completed accredited programmes, you can apply to become a CYM associate and experience the benefits.

Who can become a CYM associate?

CYM associate status is awarded depending on your level of knowledge and experience, and is open to all involved in God’s mission to young people and children, regardless of your specific role.

This includes:

  • Youth Workers, Ministers and Leaders
  • Children and Families Workers, Ministers and Leaders
  • Schools Workers
  • Chaplains
  • Pioneer Missioners
  • Faith Based Community Workers
  • Further and Higher Education Students, regardless of where you are studying
  • Denominational Regional Development Officers
  • Church Leaders and Clergy
  • A range of others who occupy ministerial roles in professional settings

How can my organisation make use of CYM Associate status?

CYM Associate status can be an important indicator that your church or organisation is committed to facilitating ongoing learning and development of volunteers or staff who are engaged in ministry and mission with young people and children. It can also give you assurance that prospective employees are committed to sustaining and developing themselves in their role.

The CYM associate frameworks are a great way of implementing a professional recognition programme within any church or Christian organisation as they offers a structured framework to build learning and development into ongoing ministry, mission or professional practice.

Routes to Association

There are two routes to CYM association, available from Sept 2016 onwards:

If you’re an experienced youth or children’s minister or practitioner you can apply directly to CYM to become an associate. The first step for prospective applicants is to decide what category to apply for. Secondly you will need to gather the evidence required to support your application, as indicated by the relevant category. The third and final step is to submit this to the CYM Endorsement Board along with any applicable registration fees.

If you have completed a recognise accredited programme of learning that is endorsed by a recognised professional body, or are  licensed minister in your denomination, then you can apply using this route.

NB. All graduates from CYM Further or Higher Education programmes are eligible for this route either as a result of NYA endorsement, Playwork accreditation, or via CYM’s own endorsement for mission, ministry professional practice.