Today the CYM family is gathering at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster to celebrate the successes of the CYM Class of 2015. It is far and away the best day in the CYM calendar and one that we all look forward to. We are so proud of everything achieved by this year’s graduands and we are excited to celebrate with you, your friends, family, line managers, tutors – and members of the Class of 2005 will be join us too. It’s going to be a brilliant day!

The team at Bristol CYM send massive congratulations to the class of 2015 as they graduate.  This group of enquiring minds, skillful practitioners and faithful pilgrims have wrestled, challenged and innovated with the rigours of youth and children’s work practice, resulting in a bumper crop of First Class degrees but also so much more than that.  We know we are sending out a group of competent workers, pioneers, leaders and ministers, faithful to the call upon their lives and with fire in their bellies for making a difference in the lives of children and young people within our communities.

We have loved having you as students at Cambridge CYM. It’s been a privilege to be on the journey with you.  Well done on reaching the end! Whatever you go on to do hold on to all that you have learnt, and all that you have become. We pray for God’s richest blessings on your lives.
Jo, Robin and Fiona x

It has been a year of much change for all of us at CYMI. But we are glad that we have flourished because we worked through it together and we can now celebrate with you on your fantastic success of completing your degree. As you go out into the world of work or wherever your vocation takes you, we pray that God will go with you. Our society faces many challenges, injustice, political unrest, a refugee crisis, environmental change. Having taken the opportunity to develop your skills and understanding, we hope that you will invest in other young people to build a more just and sustainable future for all of us.

Congratulations to all graduating MCYM students! Your hard work and perseverance has paid off and we’re really proud of all you have achieved. Praying that God will bless you in this new season. Love from all MCYM staff.

Rachel, Cat, Joel, Abi and Japhary  (our degee graduates); Steph, Matt, Suzi and Jonny (our Engage completers) – congratulations on all you have achieved!  Well done for realising your potential as students – now seek your full potential in Christ in ministry and mission with children and young people.  Keep the faith: keep learning, growing, loving, risk-taking and eating cake.  Thank you for all we have learned with and from you, and for our beautiful pens.  Keep in touch with each other and us!  Oxford CYM

CYM Engage: Children’s Ministry
It has been such a privilege accompanying the Engage students as they have explored what is means to be in children’s ministry. I am very proud of their success and wish them every blessing as they continue to make a difference to the lives of those children and their families they have been called to serve. I know their ministries have benefited as they have used the principles and values of play explored through Engage and created spaces for children where they can be who they are called to be and to grow the way they have been designed to grow. As the students have learned new ways so too have I. From their fresh perspectives and their questioning approach to their passion for their calling I have learned much. Thank you!

CYM Engage: Youth Ministry
Well Done! To all learners who have participated in Engage: Youth Ministry course. You have all worked really hard and deserve warm congratulations for your achievements. We look forward to celebrating with you on Awards day and wish you well for your future in youth work.

Enable: Schoolswork
Our warm congratulations to all Enable learners!! For all of you, it has been a challenging experience, which has stretched your horizons and at the same time helped you root your practice in solid processes. We hope you enjoy the Awards Ceremony and continue to develop the very best in Christian schools work practice.