How does participating in Local Community Action impact the Christian Faith Development of Young People?

April 21, 2016/by Martin Barrett

Where is the ‘place of sacrifice’ in modern youth worship culture?

April 4, 2016/by Martin Barrett

Does Autumn Soul Help or Hinder the Youth Ministry in Local Churches?

March 31, 2016/by Martin Barrett

Disciple Making in Postmodern Youth Ministry; The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus?

March 31, 2016/by Martin Barrett

An apologetics for Youth Ministry

March 31, 2016/by Martin Barrett

Investigating the Relationship between youth work and volunteer management in faith based contexts in NI

March 31, 2016/by Martin Barrett

Exploring Short Term International Experiences as Tools to Promote Faith Development in Young People

March 31, 2016/by Martin Barrett

Youth ministry and the digital revolution: The engagement of young people through the medium of social networking

March 31, 2016/by Martin Barrett

The human agent and the retrieval of authenticity in the writings of Charles Taylor: a new realism?

March 22, 2016/by Martin Barrett

The Effects of Divorce on Young People: What are the needs and how could the Church respond?

March 22, 2016/by Martin Barrett

Job vacancies

February 8, 2016/by Martin Barrett

Our Brilliant Administrators

February 2, 2016/by Martin Barrett

Hidden Treasure

January 21, 2016/by Martin Barrett

Book Review: Entry Point Towards Child Theology

January 19, 2016/by Martin Barrett


January 7, 2016/by Martin Barrett

What’s happening in January?

January 6, 2016/by Martin Barrett

Life after CYM

January 4, 2016/by Martin Barrett

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

December 15, 2015/by Martin Barrett

O Come Let Us Adore Him

December 8, 2015/by Martin Barrett

The One Who Envies Another is the Inferior

December 1, 2015/by Martin Barrett

You don’t understand me!

November 27, 2015/by Martin Barrett

Postgraduate Passion

November 18, 2015/by Martin Barrett

What’s God been doing in your life?

November 12, 2015/by Martin Barrett

What’s happening this November?

November 10, 2015/by Martin Barrett

Calling the Class of 2006

November 5, 2015/by Martin Barrett

Lord, lead us into the dark places

October 29, 2015/by Martin Barrett

A tortoise or a hare?

October 27, 2015/by Martin Barrett

Not a chocolate person?!

October 23, 2015/by Martin Barrett

Betwixt and Between

October 21, 2015/by Martin Barrett

Congratulations to the BRILLIANT class of 2015

October 20, 2015/by Martin Barrett

Decisions, decisions!

October 15, 2015/by Martin Barrett

What model are you?

October 13, 2015/by Martin Barrett

Introducing Rev Dr Sally Nash

October 6, 2015/by Martin Barrett

Essential 1st Stage Qualification

October 1, 2015/by Martin Barrett