Thelma Ambler MA

Thema is CYM’s Further Education Programmes Manager, responsible for Core Skills courses.

What decisions have you made recently? One of the most difficult things that ex-offenders have to re-learn when they are released from prison is to make decisions about things that most of us do without thinking; what to eat, when to get up, how to dress, what social activities to take part in. Whilst in prison, offenders make few decisions; most them are made for them.

For the rest of us the choices seem to be either overwhelming or made without thinking. Do you want a cup of tea? Yes or no? For me this does not require much thought as I always want a cup of tea!

However, for some other decision making, we may take a long time to make up our minds about something. It seems to me that sometimes our approach to making decisions varies. Sometimes we are impulsive and at other times protracted. Why is this? Could it be that we lack the right approach or skills, time or patience to gather all the information that we need? Or do we even know what evidence we are looking for?

What are the essential elements of decision making? What evidence have we got for making the decision? How valid or reliable is the evidence? What is to be achieved and what is acceptable?

In the further education arena, decision making and assessing evidence is one of the main skills for successful teaching and learning. Do think about growing and extending your skills in this area. It can revolutionise your teaching and the learning experience for others, but can also improve the decisions you make in your day to day life.

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18th November 2015




Trinity Business Centre, Stonehill Green, Westlea, Swindon, SN5 7DG


Level 3



More information

This course is suitable for anyone who is teaching and assessing at Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4. It is a part-time distance learning accredited course which involves attending two training days at Swindon CYM.

All tutors who are involved in teaching and assessing Equip/ Enable and all Further Education courses, should have the qualification.

If you are a CYM centre agency you are entitled to one free space and another space at the reduced cost of £95.00. This is a really good opportunity for any Tutor or Assessor to extend their skills for no cost, or a minimal cost.

Other learners will be charged £250.00.
For more information about this course please contact Melba, our FE administrator.

Call: 01793418261