Nigel Roberts

Tutor, Midlands CYM

I have been working in Youthwork for just over 30 years during which time I have managed Youth for Christ Centres, been Educational Advisor to YFC, worked with CYM and led a youth theatre. I currently teach Law at GCSE and Drama as part of an arts award as well as acting as year tutor at the midlands centre and award leader for the Schools degree.

My first qualification was in Law and for 10 years I travelled around Britain and Europe trying to protect the environment through the development of new policies. During that time I worked as a youth leader in the church, qualified as a Methodist lay preacher, completed a Post graduate qualification in business studies and gained a youth work qualification through Brunel. My call to full time Youthwork came in a miraculous way that never ceases to encourage me and whilst the past 30+ years have been hard I have never regretted a minute.

I have been with CYM for just over 7 years and have been privileged to meet and work alongside students who have a real call to serve and a real passion and gifting for youth work. It has been a wonderful time and a joy to be part of something so amazing and relevant.

Over the years I have gained a great deal of experience, though not necessarily wisdom, made many mistakes, seen triumphs and tragedies, failures and successes but through it all the presence of God has been real and his provision both financial and spiritual has been constant.

I have written and contributed to a number of books over the years incluing

Explore: The Christian Faith, Express Community through Schools ( with Phil Bowyer). Drama and Faith, Surviving and Thriving.

I have had a regular column in Youth work magazine, written articles for a wide variety of magazines, have published papers on and created a number of schools resources for organisations such as Lift the Label for Tearfund and HIV material for Samaritans purse.

I am a scriptwriter and have contributed scripts to over 50 short films, a number of which have won national awards. My playscripts have been performed by youth theatres and professional companies including one written for the United Nations.