Lucie Hutson

Children & Families Work Tutor, Midlands CYM

Lucie has been a tutor with CYM since 2015 specialising in Children & Families ministry, mission and community.  These have all been a part of her experience and story so far.

Lucie and her family spent time living incarnationally in a deprived area in Albania for a number of years where they developed friendships and a centre for children and young people that offered training facilities in youth work.  They were also part of a church leadership team, helping equip and encourage people in strategy and development.  Asset Based Community Development has been key to Lucie’s experience and she shares this practical based knowledge with students as they look at their communities, contexts and cultures.

A member of Creativity for Learners in Higher Education, Lucie has a keen interest in providing opportunities for a variety of learning styles and levels of engagement.  With experience in Montessori school and Fresh Expressions using outdoor spaces this is often translated alongside Godly Play, Lego, art, music and games to offer practical and deeper learning.

As a Graduate of CYM Lucie has seen the lasting impression teaching and formation can have on individuals and believes in sharing and encouraging others on their learning journey.  Mum to four children and teenagers lots of experiences in real life are translated to the classroom!