CYM Core Values

The CYM faculty is committed to:

  • Helping every student to fulfil their God-given potential and explore their vocation
  • Resourcing all those called to ministry with children and young people and in community settings
  • Placing children and young people at the heart of God‘s mission and church
  • Opening up biblical and theological discourse to all God’s people
  • Promoting accessibility of all our training pathways
  • Developing a welcoming, caring and accessible community of practitioners
  • Progressive education and critical reflective practice

CYM Approach

Core aspects found in all our training programmes are:

  • Biblical and Theological Studies – deepening your understanding of the Christian faith, and your ability to embody and communicate this to others.
  • Skills Development – developing your ability as a critical reflective practitioner to make sound judgements in complex situations
  • Social and Cultural Studies – giving you the tools to analyse contemporary society and the experiences of children and young people within it.
  • Ethics, Values and Purpose – challenging you to examine the motivation, methods and aims underpinning Christian mission and ministry.
  • Pastoral Care and Human Development – enabling informed and skilled pastoral interventions with children, young people and families
  • Encountering Difference – opportunities to study and work with others who may be very different in their understanding and expression of faith and values to yourself.
  • Professional Studies – enabling you to gain an understanding of the professional field you are entering, it’s models, policies and codes of practice.
  • Immersive Practical Ministry, mission and professional work experience in a range of placements – broadening your horizons within a supportive and development framework.
  • A Holistic Formation Experience that is personal, professional, intellectual, social, spiritual  – engaging you in your vocation and calling.