CYM Forward Plans

While Covid-19 and the disengagement from St John’s College has provided some ‘bumps in the road’ for iCYM, planning for a new future has been going on for some time.

Central to this planning is a completed validation agreement for forward BA and MA courses with Newman University, Birmingham. This validation agreement allows easy planning for the new degree courses to run from the 2021 academic year, as well as short course programmes connected with the degree teaching.

Under the leadership of Robin Smith the teaching of these new courses will be able to flow easily from current teaching schedules and an exciting short course programme will meet the needs of a changing church landscape in which there will be enormous emphasis on effective children’s and youth work and on mission in our communities.

iCYM Chair, Dr Alastair Jones, is hopeful for the future:

“The opportunity for a refreshing impetus from 2021 puts iCYM in a position where we can be highly responsive to the church’s need for revitalised children’s and youth activities, reflecting the needs of the post Covid society, as well as the missional challenges of what secular commenators seek to describe as a ‘post-christian’ technological future.

“We are determined that iCYM will be flexible and innovative to meet these challenges and to provide over the next twenty years the sort of thought leadership and enterprising teaching that has been the iCYM trademark over the past twenty years.”